Juan Choconat


Artisan chocolate that is good for the world.

Chocolate makes the perfect gift, and when it's packaged beautifully featuring the personalities of those who painstakingly grew the cacao beans ‘the Cacao Heroes’, it’s even more special.

Juan Choconat is a company that adheres to the fair-trade movement and it’s the leader of the Colombian campaign of responsible chocolate which promotes ethical sourcing of all the materials used in its products.

Via the ‘cacao heroes’ collection Juan Choconat wants to pay tribute and tell the story of the people who make possible these chocolates of amazing and unique quality.   They only grow and use the ancestral cacao variety, which accounts for only 0.2% of the cacao in the world.

Juan Choconat suppliers are just 100 small farming families who benefit from the various education programmes that Juan Choconat has established, such as how to produce high quality in cacao all the way from genetics and seeding to harvesting, including organic techniques.  Another great reason to choose Juan Choconat, is they pay 60% more for their small farmers’ harvest compared to market.

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