JUAN VALDEZ, the brand of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation

Juan Valdez® is the only brand of international relevance owned by coffee producers.

Juan Valdez ensure the well-being of Colombian coffee growers, society, and the worldwide environment, through responsible, traceable, and transparent actions.

Juan Valdez® is the only Premium Coffee brand in the world directly connected to its origins; the owners are the coffee growers who work with pride and dedication every day to offer the best coffee in the world. This way, Juan Valdez represents itself throughout the world showing the traditions, pride and love of coffee growing to produce the best 100% Colombian premium coffee.

Every Juan Valdez product sold provides royalties to Colombian coffee growers, through the National Coffee Fund. Through royalty contributions Juan Valdez are able to help improve living conditions, for their growers and their families.

Since the 1960’s, Juan Valdez has been the symbol and face that represents the 500,000+ Colombian coffee growers and micro producers, its long tradition in the arduous craftsmanship needed to produce a superior quality coffee and the pride of this art and life form. Juan Valdez represents the social responsibility that comes from a country where its top export is coffee. This responsibility translates into protecting the coffee growers, its regions, lands, infrastructure and ensuring their families can prosper with better education and roads. Consequently, this enables the passing from generation to generation, the inherited tradition of bringing the best coffee to the world, while keeping the traditional practices that ensure its sustained quality.


Juan Valdez - Product Overview

Juan Valdez has a very versatile range offering formats that fit with all lifestyles.  Premium freeze-dried instant coffee for those who like to make their coffee quickly, ground coffee perfect for the plunger, and whole beans for those who like to enjoy the whole process of grinding and brewing their savoured coffee more slowly. 

The Juan Valdez range allows the coffee lover to travel around the unique coffee growing regions of Colombia and taste the flavour nuances and distinctiveness of each region. The Single origin range contains four types and Juan Valdez NZ is excited to launch a new pack format offering the coffee lover the change to experience all four in smaller trial packs.

Juan Valdez coffee is 100% Arabica, and it is the only coffee in the world that is 100% handpicked. Selecting only the ripest of cherries to ensure the perfect balance in body, aroma and deliver this indulgence throughout, thus ensuring lower acidity than coffees from other coffee producing nations.

Colombia is a country with many different geographic regions, so it makes sense that there is a variety of Colombian coffee flavour profiles and styles. From smooth and sweet Nariño beans grown in the country’s cloud forests, to the intense and chocolatey beans of the Sierra Nevada Mountain, there’s plenty of flavours for you to try here in New Zealand.



Single origins




Juan Valdez® Single Origin Coffees, as their name implies, are produced with carefully selected beans grown exclusively in a specific region of Colombia. Each of them pays homage to their origins and provides the opportunity to savour a distinctive flavour profile that is unique to a particular region.

These origins have unique attributes that change depending on the geography, weather, and altitude of the mountains where the coffee is cultivated.

Coffees grown higher in the mountains tend to be softer, and those that are grown at lower altitudes tend to be stronger.

Juan Valdez Single Origin Selection allows the coffee drinker to match the flavour to their tastes.



Premium blends



Juan Valdez® premium selection coffees are original blends developed for Juan Valdez® by coffee experts.

Each delicious coffee in this line offers a different cup profile with a wide variety of strengths and flavours.


Freeze - Dried



The Juan Valdez range of freeze-dried instant coffee is made using 100% premium arabica Colombian beans, sustainably sourced, owner-grower hand-picked beans from selected regions in Colombia; using an innovative cool-drying process which preserves the essential oils-aromatics and unique flavour compounds. No other instant coffee available in New Zealand comes close in terms of exceptional taste, aroma and enjoyment.

The Juan Valdez freeze dried coffee range includes Original, Decaffeinated, Chocolate/Mocha, Dulce De Leche, Cinnamon & Vanilla and Hazelnut. 

Enjoy Juan Valdez any time of day or night-with the choice of decaffeinated. Serve hot or iced with dairy milk, or non-dairy alternatives such as oat milk. Juan Valdez Freeze Dried Instant Coffee range has numerous culinary uses, for example in baking cakes and muffins, it makes a glorious Espresso Martini and other ravishing cocktails.


Social Responsibility


  • “RENACER”. Recognizing the importance of young coffee growers for the coffee tradition in Colombia, and taking into account the global challenge rural areas have of keeping their young population, Juan Valdez have integrated them as one of their main stakeholders. For this reason, the RENACER programme seeks to make visible and strengthen the leadership of these young people in violence prone regions of Colombia.


  • Women Coffee Growers. the “Mujeres Cafeteras” programme promotes women coffee producers social and economic empowerment, through the commercialisation of their coffee, encouraging good practices, and care for the environment with a focus on gender equality, improving the quality of life of their families and communities.




  • Best Buddies Programme. Best Buddies Colombia is part of an international organization, focused on transforming the perception of disability in Colombia, promoting social, educational, and labor participation of people with intellectual disabilities to improve their quality of life, promoting volunteering and social responsibility.




Juan Valdez is a company committed to the social and economic transformation of the country, based on supporting agriculture and creating a purposeful coffee value chain.

Juan Valdez coffees are sourced and produced responsibly through their efforts in sustainability:

  • Inclusive shopping
  • Good social and environmental practices
  • Better packaging materials
  • Environmental footprint
  • Proper disposal of wastewater
  • Reuse as much as possible
  • Promotion of the idea of "not breaking the cycle of sustainability"

With every purchase of Juan Valdez coffee, a percentage goes to the association’s infrastructure fund, which every year is invested in certain regions of need of infrastructure, such as schools, housing, lightening and roads to continue to improve the quality of living and future of Colombian coffee growers.


Juan Valdez Certifications