For over 50 years the Juan Valdez name has been synonymous with high quality Colombian coffee. The brand has represented the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia since 1959.

Juan Valdez is the only Premium Coffee brand in the world directly connected to its origins. Owned by 540,000 coffee growers who work with pride and dedication every day to offer you the best coffee in the world, Juan Valdez’s values are centred around the wellbeing of Colombian coffee growers, society, and the environment.




Our 540,000 coffee growers receive royalties from every sale through the Juan Valdez National Coffee Fund. This ensures funds can be put back in to harvesting and taking care of their families.




Juan Valdez supports the Best Buddies programme in Colombia. This programme is focused on transforming the perception of disability in Colombia, promoting social, educational and labour participation of people with intellectual disabilities to improve their quality of life.

In addition, Juan Valdez has created the Renacer and Mujeres Cafeteras programmes. The Renacer programme seeks to support young leaders in the coffee growers’ communities, particularly those in areas affected by violence, while Majeres Cafeteras supports women coffee growers by strengthening their knowledge and capabilities.




Juan Valdez is committed to the principles of environmentally friendly agriculture and the circular economy.

Through good environmental practices, reducing their environmental footprint and creating a system that reduces the consumption of finite resources, Juan Valdez is helping to protect the environment for generations to come.